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It's the Little Things

Macey Fleming

This show is an exercise in Mindfulness. Mindfulness is simply becoming aware of the present reality and acknowledging your current environment in a meaningful way. You have the power of choice. You get to choose what you pay attention to and how it effects you.

The installation is a physical reflection of life. Texture, color, and organization are being used to guide your emotions. At first glance all you can see is an almost overwhelming amount of chaos. But if you take a moment to focus your attention, each object has a contributing factor to the overall narrative. When you start to notice the small things you open yourself up to all new possibilities.

This show uses humor, wordplay, reinvention, and new additions to challenge the routine that we unconsciously slip into throughout the everyday necessities. It's not intuitive to look for joy. We are almost constantly in demand of survival and it becomes taxing and frustrating. There is a need for balance that is undeniable fact in order to maintain our relatively short existence.


Take the time to find redefine what gives you balance, sometimes what's most important is right in front of you.


Thank You

Macey Fleming

The Characters

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