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Welcome to The Snapdragon Emporium

We have trinkets...odds and ends...that sort of thing...

If you are seeking bits and bobbles that invoke whimsy and imagination, you've come to the right place. These collections have been brewed with forgotten objects, memories, and wishes. There is something for everyone if you look hard enough, maybe you'll find a little bit of magic left in the world.

-Ms. Mayflower

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A Letter to the Weird and Wonderful

I keep wanting to explore and grow as a maker of things, I don't limit myself to one medium so there could be a variety of objects that could be available and other things that might become more of a rarity. I am a firm advocate for joy being a valid emotion. Looking for a little bit of sunshine or stopping to smell the roses is an important lesson to learn. Sometimes you should listen to your impulses (And impulse purchases...) and celebrate the day to day. 
My friends tell me that they love sitting next to me when I make things because I'm giggling the entire time. I hope to be able to bring a little bit of silliness into the world, and make something that people want to take home and make a part of their own world.

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